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7 Building Your Team

Benefits of a team?

From the five critical components, you may think that building teams is more complicated than its worth. So what are the benefits of teams, and is it worth it?

The highest benefit of a team is leverage.

Leverage refers to the advantage you gain by having more than just you working towards a desired outcome or goal.

By building a team with complimentary gifts and skills, you increase the amount of time you can focus on tasks that use yours, and your team members to do the same. When people can focus on tasks that use their gifts and skills, they discover the path of least resistance towards wealth.

The path of least resistance leads to fun and enjoyment and, in many cases, more money as you energetically use your gifts and skills.

A team enables the path of least resistance to be lived – whereas doing it all alone turns you into a jack of all trades and master of none.

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